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I dont want to be a curser

Here it goes :

I prefer writing in English because I know my vocab is not very good . Therefore , if I started to write back in Malays, I will curse people more, because god knows how smooth my language can be whenever I write about people . As my English is leveled as * below average *  I will choose my words carefully before I post something.

Thus, you should be grateful little girl as I don't want to write something in Malay about you. Otherwise .. My post title will be : Kimak kaw suke2 hati nak ckp pasal aku ape hal, puki la babi )*#$#**($*# ..

No no , I don't want to be rude, koekeoke... Please spell my ID carefully, its a.n.g.e.l.d.r.e.a.m or maybe I can send some cheerleaders to teach you how to.. Gimme an A ! gimme an N .. gimme.. bla bla ..

Oh yea take note little girl, I'm not like somebody stupid you can provoked easily coz I am a bad bad tempered person. Provoke me and I provoke you back la.. So please don't write something silly about me, coz I am sillier , short minded person and I will pay your ass a nice visit .



What do you think fellas?


8 drops of elixir:

i know what r u talking bout bro. ignore them, concentrate on ur big day! yay! getting married huh? good for u :)


@gsp: kekeke. just want to have some fun .. nengok sejauh mane



A to the N to the G to the E to the L and the rest u spell it by urself..hahahah


@minah : habis kan la. sikit lagi ;(



aku rasa kalau hezry type in english lagi kasar bunyik dr malay


@kika : keokoke. dia orang puteh. aku orang melayu



D to the R to the E to the A to the M..peh semput.....beb..gudluck...selamat pengantin baru


why? wad happened? btw, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU!!! ^_^

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