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Experience with africans ಠ_ಠ

Here it goes :

Few years ago, I ran away from home, had a big arguements with my family..
I don't know where to go until I decided to call my friend from Kepong. The person said , don't worry, come to my house, leave with me until you had your life stabilized once again.

So , without any other options and choices, I went straight to her house, *yes its a girl* Wah.. Condominium.. How come she is so rich? Complete with securities, elevator that only can be used by card, swimming pool ;/ .. Hurm..

That nite , we had a long conversation, she said, she's been livin with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend was an African.. Rich African I have to say, based on my observation.. I asked her, what's that guy doin for livin? She said, I actually don't have any idea.. He said, it was a family business..

That guy, called R iwas very kind to me, he gave me couple of advices, told me to travel around the world *waw* .. Sometimes bought foods for me.

That guy was a religious type, went to church every Sunday, not a drinker etc , but unlike his house mates. So of them always intoxicated every single nite..

Until I had enough, my instinct told me to move away because something bad is going to happen. * you know, like spider sense * So, I just packed my things and moved out

I ask my friend to be careful.. Two or three days later, she called me and said, the house was rushed, it was confirmed that they were doing illegal business

to my surprise :(


What do you think fellas?


7 drops of elixir:

wow thats kinda scary.. good thing u moved out in time


were u dealing with a drug dealer?


@shuuu : True ! I was speechless that time

@gadis : no lah, i've no idea what they were doing



@shuuu : True ! I was speechless that time

@gadis : no lah, i've no idea what they were doing



hi..jom follow sesama kita..huhu


Den ur friend never break with him?


@maxx : orait
@kelvin : she left him, and now she's with another african :s

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