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Love = loyal+sacrifice+

Here it goes :

Whenever we ask a girl , what kind of man she wants to live with.. We always hear streotype answers such as

1. I want a man that can take care of me..
2. Guide me whenever i'm lost
3. Love me all the time
4. bla bla

But the real fact is ...

True ? Not true? Oh cut the crap ;P

What do you think fellas?


2 drops of elixir:


1) dating tgk muvie+makan mekdi+petrol+tol+parking ticket = >RM50
note: dating sebulan paling kurang 4 kali.

2) shopping + hadiah besday = paling cikai nak vinnci (kasut) dan topshop (baju).. konfem rabak gak seratus dua..

kalo lekaki tu takde duit, leh ke die support sume ni? kami perempuan tak mintak spedo sume..tapi kalau dating pun nak tong2, atau nak paw pompuan..selamat jalan... babai teletubbies!!!teletibbies say gudbye...miahahahaha...


.. sob sob . kejam nye doniaa


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