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Do you missed your childhood memories?

Here it goes :

I do , since I was a kid. I think, the first game I've ever played was Pac Man. It was around 80 something, where computers use tapes. Yes . tapes :D haha.

Years after that, when I was in standard 2 or 3, my dad bought a tv console ( I've no idea what it is called ) And those was the moment when I started to know Mario, KungFu Fighter, Bomber Man etc. You know, got over 2 or 3 hundred games in a single tape.



OKAY ! Cut the crap, its not about games that I wanna share with you guyz.

I don't really know why I'm doing this silly post, but sometimes, it reminds me that, how fast time has flown away ( flown or flew? ) I'm 24 years old and getting married in less than two weeks dear fellas.

Sometimes, I'm feeling that I'm way too ready for a new level of life, means , being a husband, being a father , being a leader in a family bla bla.

But most of the times... My alter-ego keeps on wandering in my mind. But, I can't turn back. Its the decision I've made, and yes I love her.

I hope.. I can be a good husband, and be her guidance whenever she needs it most.



What do you think fellas?


7 drops of elixir:

pac man,street fighter, mario, bomber man, sonic...
best kut


aww, congratulations dude!! :D well i guess eventually we have to grow and move on to other stage of life, as scary as it seems, we just have to move on! :)

and pacman! woot woot, i still play it now! xD


@hans : those were the moments.

@conan_cat : yeah, by hook or by crook, have to face it. oh I hate pacman ! :D



Aww, grats!
Don't worry so much LOLOL.


is the popeye from micro genius console? lol forgot edi


@jia : thankies !! :)

@nesca : I can't recall huhu



hollaweh..sume tu aku maen yg plg best ====> CONTRA. maen tembak2..

btw,oldo i think that we're still too young for that type of responsibility,but when the special person come,we'll be that u bro..

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