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Dear Facebook, you're gettin irrelevant

Here it goes :

Tadaa. found this at susudalambotol blogger

Read it carefully, its a bit funny how all the texts translated into our beloved local language , Bahasa Melayu.

Facebook, hmm, registered my account last year, just because I was extremely b0red with myspace . So does myspace, registered several years ago just because i was extremely bored with friendster ;P

What's so great about facebook? Well , the tagline is a community site that helps you connect and share with the people in you life . Perfect enough to explaine the reason of its existence.

For me, yes , it does helps me to make a new relationship, find old friends and cousins and even siblings ( my sisters are studying at singapore and I seldom contact with them ).

At first, I was very particular about choosing and approving requests. Doesnt matter if its friends req, apps req whatsoever. Just like susudalambotol, my ms's account is full with strangers . So I keep my friends around 1-200 something.

Two or three weeks ago, I found an application similar with mafia wars, mobster and so on. I tried to play and found it was quite addictive. The damn app needs me to have more friends so that my character will be more tougher etc.. I even joined a group just to increase my friends list without thinking the consequences. And then, walla.. starting from that day, I'll received tonnes of req per day, not tonnes la, around 50 - 100 to be more specific.

Rite now, damn it, total friends in my acc is 1,023 and 80% of them are strangers .

What do you think fellas?


7 drops of elixir:

yeah , abs. true . honestly sometimes i pon akan add strangers but lama lama kami jadi mcm kawan . and that is so much fun , when you and your friend from god knows where shares a lot of things abut current issue , about what's new in her life and etc (:

*naa , it just my opinion ((;


same goes here..tapi dah mula bosan bila terlalu ramai kawan..when i have the time, i'll delete those yg aku xkenal..ntahapehape je..dengan pelbagai application nvitation yg serabut..nyampah gilek..


hahahahhaha this is so true! good post!


hahahahhaha this is so true! good post!


@syida : yeah, kalau strangers tu bukan seorang yang sombong ;)

@fizah : ehehhehe

@korn : its a sad story man ;( :P



same leh kita ^^ dia org mau add gua approve, kemudian hide :P kuax3 ~ kalau blogger tu blog dia ok gua kekalkan, kalau yg ko tu gua hide juga :P kuax3 ~

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