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Things we shouldn't do as a blogger

Here it goes :

Don't provoke almarhum Sultan Johor.


Because he's the king of my hometown (JOHOR).

Pity for you Aduka Taruna for all you have done and the act you will be facing after shit this* typo..

What's the story angeldream?

Well here it is :

For all of you who're blogging just for fun or earning money without any concern of general issue , you should read this. Because it's damn HOT

Few minutes ago, a blogger called Aduka Taruna suddenly become so popular in Malaysia . Just because he wrote something really stupid and ridiculous about..

about what?

about :

as a result, 25 police reports were made and I bet, KDN is acting right now .

What do you think fellas?


Perfume : what it has to do with your status?

Here it goes :

Do you guys use perfumes? Is it cheap or expensive? What type are you using now?

I'm not into this potion a lot, but since I met my wife years ago, she taught me a little bit of it, what and why..

What's your first fragrance? My first time ? I can't remember but I think it was one of these

cute bottle with colour sticker on it

Its cheap, I think during those time , it was rm5 per bottle. Someone came to my hostel and started to sell those potions. So I was a school kid, don't know anything about fragrance, I guessed its pretty cool if you have one of those T_T

When I met my wife years ago , she bought me a perfume as a gift, hell I was damn excited. I never had expensive perfume in my whole life. Silly rite, but I appreciates it a lot and I bring it wherever I go, so that I'll smell nice always :P The perfume was CK One and I'm still keeping the bottle, lots of sentimental values as you can see :D

oh the bottle is so sexy !

and I got another one !

smells nicer !

So , I have two perfumes, but my wife have tonnes :(


In recent years, celebrities have signed contracts with perfume houses to associate their name with a signature scent, as a self-promotion campaign. The scents are then marketed; the association with the celebrity's name usually being the selling point of the campaign. Such products generally do not have the longevity of classic fragrances.

For the full list, you can check it here

source :wikipedia

Btw , have you guys watch a movie called perfumes? If not, you should ..

p/s: A friend of mine told me something I would never forget, no matter how old a person is, no matter how ugly he looks alike, if he wears Ralph Lauren Blue, that friend of mine will feels horny. EWW GROSS !

What do you think fellas?


girls with 'plastic' attitude

Here it goes :

"OMG OmG OmG!!that was totalllyyy awesome!!"

"You're totally kidding rite?"


"He was like, totally naileddd guyzz!"


aww, you got me !!

Okay what was that all about? Have you ever heard some chicks on the street using that style of talking ? Supposed, these kind of girl should be :
1. trendy
2. trendsetter
3. walking in groupies
4. maybe, have super rich parents
5. beautiful

Just for your info, I actually dug some info and found out, the origin is what they called as Valley Girls

Valley Girl (or Val, Val Gal) is a stereotype leveled at a socio-economic and ethnic class of white American women who exhibit particular traits thought common to their group. It originally referred to the ever decreasing number of semi affluent and affluent middle-class and upper-middle class white girls living in the bedroom community neighborhoods of San Fernando Valley[1]. Due to changing demographics, it is an increasingly obsolete as the age, ethnic, and economic class it referenced is fast disappearing in its native territory.

source: wikipedia

Valspeak is often spoken with a heavy accent sometimes associated with Californians. Words are spoken with high variation in pitch combined with very open or nasal vowel sounds.


* Like - Used as an interjection. "Like that was so, like, oh my God."
* As if – lit. "yeah, right" or "as if" except it does not use a subject; expresses disbelief.
* Bitchin' - adj. slang for excellent; first-rate. Though a derivative of "bitch", bitchin' is not considered profane.
* Whatever! - short for "whatever you say"; sarcastic interjection often emphasizing the "r".
* Barf me out! - "So disgusting it makes me want to vomit."
* Fer shur – lit. "For sure"
* Betch – lit. "Bitch"
* Totally – "I agree" or "completely."
* Grody to the max! – "As gross as he/she/it can be"
* Like, oh my God – can be used many ways; expresses shock.
* I’m suuure! or I'm so sure – "I'm absolutely positive," but usually used sarcastically.
* Tre - A synonym for "very" (derived from French "très")
* Trippendicular! - It can mean either "awesome" or a drug high.
* Betty - An attractive woman
* So - Very; used frequently and said with strong emphasis.
* Baldwin - An attractive man.
* Seriously - Frequent interjection of approval.
* Gag me with a spoon! - expression of disgust.
* Gnarly - Good.
* Joanie - An un-hip girl
* I'm Audi - "I'm out of here".
* Tubular - Very cool.
* UV's - Sunshine (e.g. "I'm heading down to the beach to catch some UV's")
* Are you serious?- expression of surprise. Commonly phrased with both hands on the hips, eyebrows raised and a shocked facial expression.

Okay , what I'm about to write is, is there any so called Valley Girls in Malaysia? If they do exist, have you guys ever meet on of these species? I'm sure its pretty interesting to know why on earth they should behave like that. For me honestly, it's totally annoying. Like. wtf.. If there any female readers , tell me , are you one of those?

Oh just my two cents, I think every cheerleaders in this country is acting like one.

yayy yayy we're the besstt yayy yayy

If you want me to vote, I vote for these guys girls..

wtf man?

Extra info: if you guys wish to translate your words to valspeak , try this saucy link

What do you think fellas?


Come here cowards

Here it goes :

Kutuk2 orang , tapi ..

The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.

Slightly better than anonymous :D haha

What do you think fellas?


Memories : 1998 ( nasi lemak at mad jiwa )

Ok.go :

Nasi lemak is not in my favor list. Why ? because I hate anchovies..
I prefer roti canai more if I have to choose what to eat at stall for breakfast.

But it reminds me of something, back at my school days at boarding school, we were dying to get nasi lemak after night preparation class. Even though it wasn't taste that good, but still, I had to grab at least one , if not, I felt like, the day was not completed. Plus, we didn't had that much of choices.. I bet you guys would prefer nasi lemak more than a cup of tea and biscuits served at dining hall.

Today, nasi lemak has been improved . Just go to any stall, you will see different kind of dishes served with nasi lemak. Whether rendang ayam, sambal sotong, spicy fried chicken etc.. I bet its a mouth watering for you guys. But not for me.

People always said, you should go to Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa or Nasi Lemak Kukus Ampang, but for me it's sucks.

But still, if you guys want to taste the best of it .. then go to these places

C.T. Garden Nasi Lemak (aka Nasi Lemak Stadium Sulaiman)
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Open 6pm to 5am.
Serving up one of the best and cheapest nasi lemak bungkus in town (RM0.60), C.T. Garden is packed from dinner time ‘til the wee hours. Each packet wrapped in banana leaf and newspaper consists of rice, a dollop of sambal full of ikan bilis and hardboiled egg portion. Though the rice is slightly wet, the sambal packs a punch. One packet is never enough so don’t be surprised to see customers scarfing a few packets in one go.

R.A. Nasi Lemak
15 Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 012-244 4911. Open: 6am to 11am (Monday to Sunday), 4pm to 12am (Monday to Friday).
Popular among inner city workers, the nasi lemak here is served buffet style. R.A.’s rice is steamed in the traditional wooden barrel, making each grain fluffy and separate. You can choose have your nasi lemak with the thick sambal and usual condiments of peanuts, ikan bilis, hard boiled egg (RM1.50) or add extras from a selection of accompanying dishes, including its famously crunchy deep fried paru (cow’s lungs).

Village Park Restaurant
5 Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-7710 7860. Open: 7am to 8pm.
Never failing to attract fans of nasi lemak and nasi dagang, Village Park’s nasi lemak is extra special with fluffy rice grains and a rich coconut taste, thanks to the special way they steam the rice over coconut milk and pandan leaves within a traditional wooden tub. Basic nasi lemak costs RM2 but if you’re feeling indulgent, try their Nasi Lemak Set (RM11) which is served with beef, squid, chicken rendang and sambal udang.

Kak Ton D’Condo Enterprise
110 Jalan 1/38B, Taman Segambut SPPK, (Opposite Prima Duta condominum), Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 012-3377820. Open: 6.30am to 3pm.
Trading from the back of a house, this small stall attracts customers from its surrounding high rise condos. The sambal here is spicy with chili seeds and chopped onions which meld with the rice when stirred (RM1 for the basic). Besides a selection of sambal sotong and various rendangs, they also serve the unusual quail eggs sambal. The fried chicken is also extremely popular and is snapped up straightaway by its patrons when it emerges fresh from the wok.

Nasi Lemak stall (in front of Restoran Kopitiam Mr Pau)
54 Jalan Desa Bakti, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. Open: 7am to 12pm (Closed on Monday and alternate Tuesdays).
Run by a Chinese lady from Tampin, this stall is one of the few places in town which serves wild boar rendang (RM3). Unlike other places, her version of nasi lemak is served with pickled cucumbers, pineapples and onions instead of sliced cucumbers. Although the rice is not as fluffy or fragrant compared to the Malay version, the sambal is thick with lots of crunchy onions and ikan bilis (RM1.50 for the basic). Also available are her popular Nyonya kuih

But I will not !

What do you think fellas?


Memories : 2004 ( Taiping )

Ok.go :

I got expelled from MMU because I seldom went to my classes and . Too busy with Netting and Skateboarding . Bad bad behavior.

The next day, I stayed with my cousin somewhere around Taiping. He's family man with 3 kids. He taught me a bit about electricity, how to plug in this and that. How to install cables and so on, and I just asked rm2 per day so that I can go to cc every night. Pathetic life.

Few months later, his father in law came to visit . And this old man seems like he doesn't like me very well. Maybe because at his view, I'm a lifeless kid with dull future or something like that.

That night, he came to my room, told me that his daughter and my cousin, annoyed with me in their custody. So he gave me rm30 to get the hell out from that house and go back to Johor Bharu.

From that moment, I swore to myself, I will never go back to Taiping (my hometown) until I have a good job, proving that I'm not that idiot that will never survive.

And guest what, I haven't step my feet back for 6 years, all my cousins keep asking when is the time..

Well, the moment will be very very soon enough. And I will find that old man and show him, who's the boss.

Very very soon..


What do you think fellas?


New year, new life ,new role

Here it goes :

Happy new year 2010 , to my friends, fellas, bloggers, hehe ;P

Okay2, maybe my first entry of this year isn't very but I'm a bit busy ( cliche ) ..


Oke bai ;P

What do you think fellas?

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