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Should I change my blog's primary language from my to en ?

Here it goes :

Recently I joined a community site called BloggerUnited which is a site that gathers all blogger in Malaysia and all over the world. It was suggested by a blogger JejakTrend.

Fyi, when I started to blog, I mix English and Malay depends on the post, then I decided to move to a new host called and I have imported all the previous posts and moved it to the new site, that's why you can see this blog has only 5/6 posts overall.

Since BloggerUnited is an international site, should I change my language to make sure it is understandable by others?
Or just let it be like this?

How ah?


4 drops of elixir:

I think its will be better in English...more ppl will read ur blog:)


Got it, so this blog will use english from now on :s



well.. i dont mind both..
but my BM rusty edy.. =P


@ken : then brush it !


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