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Grissom VS Mac VS Horatio

Here it goes :

Okay so who are they? If you don't have any idea well its okay, maybe you're freak :s (izzit/well/oyeah).

I started became one of the CSI freak when I was in Form 5 ( 2002 ). Back from school, jumped in front of the tv and switched to AXN. And wallah, CSI , I just love that show.

Years went by, and people started to know more about CSI brand. From Vegas, Jerry ( Brukheimer ) developed two more CSI team based in Miami and New York. Will there ever be CSI Kuala Lumpur? or CSI Kuala Lipis ?

Who are the names I mentioned in the title ?


Gilbert "Gil" Grissom, Ph.D. is a fictional character portrayed by William Petersen on the American TV crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Grissom was a forensic entomologist and the night-shift supervisor of the Clark County, Nevada CSI (forensics) team, investigating crimes in and around the city of Las Vegas. He was the show's protagonist from seasons 1 to 9, when Petersen left the show as a regular, and was replaced by Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Raymond Langston.


Mac Taylor is a fictional character featured in the TV series CSI: NY. He is played by Gary Sinise. Andy Garcia was originally offered the lead role, a character who would have been named Detective Rick Calucci. He declined, as did Ray Liotta, who later accepted a lead role in another CBS series, Smith, which only lasted 3 episodes.[1]


Lt. Horatio Caine is a fictional character in the series CSI: Miami, played by actor David Caruso. He is a Crime Lab Lieutenant.

Yet, which one is the best for you? Who managed to lead the role effectively? I choose Horatio. He's simply the best eve tho lotsa others hate him ( based on the poll searched at the internet )

p/s: Vegas has lost its fang.

What do you think fellas?


8 drops of elixir:

CSI miami rox! SG once have the same genre of drama but i think our area is too safe for those weird cases so the scriptwriter can't think of any plot...the drama sux btw...


@kelvin : hehe, I'm a bit curios why on earth people hates horatio :S



i used to like H coz he looks cool, but later i realize he kinda always "control macho" not like Mac who always do the works together with his CSI member. huhu

anyhow, i dont like the Ray (CSI) replacing Grissom in season 10. I like the weirdo Grissom!! I miss Grissom!!

p/s: blogwalking. do drop by my blog sometime ;)


oh, isnt there a series called Forensik? i bet they r trying to do the same as CSI but ive never watch it even once, knowing how Malaysian drama will turn out to be esp if it's a RTM one. :P


@JuLia : oh ? Forensik? haha, never heard of it .. maybe they will call me unpatriotic person :P

Well to be honest, Mac is just as same as the rest, what we called CSI Machine. But diff people got diff opinions :)



same la saye pun suke H.



H tu low self esteem..tu yang dia slalu cakap ngan kasut orang je..xpon dia memang shoe-fetish..huh..*hate H to the core..nyampah..

my heart will always belong to abg Gil..hahhaha..hensem n macho tapi laid back..huwaaa..awesome..mac pon okeh jugak..cumel ape..pepon,both combined is still better than H yang perasan macho n hensem..huh

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