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Michael Jackson is still alive?

Here it goes :

Found this on the advertisement side when I was browsing through my fb. I wonder why they made this poll..

So I googled around and found these :

In fact, say sources in a position to know, the superstar faked his death to escape the crushing pressures of life in a fishbowl – and he is now socked away in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe, possibly Hungary, far from the clamor of paparazzi covering his “autopsy” and “funeral” in southern California.

And in the strangest twist of all, say the insiders, once he’s rested and ready, Jackson, 50, will blow the lid off his own hoax – and embark on the most spectacularly lucrative concert tour in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

“Michael is following in the footsteps of a man he greatly admired – another rock icon, Elvis Presley, who also faked his death and is still alive, and in hiding, today,” William Stern, who has written extensively on Presley, told me exclusively.

“Unlike Elvis, however, Michael is withdrawing from his celebrity before it destroys him. And he also is planning, once he has rested and regrouped, to stage a comeback unlike anything in rock history.

read it more @ here

So fellas, what do you think?

For me.... nah.. not that interesting , if its Kurt Kobain.. than it would be a different story :D gegege

What do you think fellas?


9 drops of elixir:

people make story for the fun of it..
so not true lah.. =)


Just wondering, they even paid to be advertised via fb. -_-!



Its like a conspiracy haha:D


Conspiracy led by internal agencies ._.



i am so hoping it is not true. what for faking death and to have all the people you love cried for u. iskkk.


Oh, Jacko is a Psycho. It maybe true, it maybe not.. But the mystery of him converted into Islam is still unsolved.



im hoping this is not true eventhough im not a big fan of MJ (:


hmm, maybe yes and maybe just humour lah

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