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Here it goes :
So yesterday I was assigned for Datuk Zaid Ibrahim's Press Conference which is held at his house somewhere in a golf resort around Klang Valley.
And this morning, had some difficulties of finding his house coz I'm a bit weak on finding route. Spent 30 minutes from my house to the area, and spend another 45 minutes to find the exact location ( had to use cab after got my car parked somewhere T_T )
When I arrived, the pc has started, I'm not going to write 100 per cent about the pc, as he said, he'll file a petition to sue SPR and Utusan. that's the headline. end.
But the thing in my mind was, after look at his damn big house, with mercs, bmws, I wonder do these rich people really determine to help poor people?

Are there any honesty within politic ?

What do you think fellas? :angeldream:

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