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Stop judging the police

Here it goes :

Sometimes people are afraid of police authorities, sometimes people hates these enforcers, sometimes people curse and say bad things about em.

Whenever we drive, when a patrol car passes, we feel jolted, thus beginning to drive a bit carefully rather than carelessly ( decreasing the speed if we're speeding, get the seatbelt fastened is we hadn't, etc ) .

During childhood; teacher, police, army are most favourable ambition whenever teacher asked, not to be mentioned doctor and pilot.
Enough to said once police gained so many respects.

do you know who is this? he's the super constable Mamat !

But nowadays, police reputations were scratched so bad. Their dignity is something people can step on so easily. We all know some polices are bad, we all are fully aware that there are cases police caught for bribery, trafficking drugs, etc . But are we capable enough to judge all the institution? I mean, yes it was tragic where a 15 years old boy shot right straight to the head. But who are we to judge the situation? Read all the articles given by the media, don't simply throw wild speculations as if you were there and you knows everything.

I really hate the part that people can judge who ever they want. It's fuckin not fair.

Maybe one day, if Malaysia fated to be like Thailand, then you will regret..

What do you think fellas? :angeldream:

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