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Things we shouldn't do as a blogger

Here it goes :

Don't provoke almarhum Sultan Johor.


Because he's the king of my hometown (JOHOR).

Pity for you Aduka Taruna for all you have done and the act you will be facing after shit this* typo..

What's the story angeldream?

Well here it is :

For all of you who're blogging just for fun or earning money without any concern of general issue , you should read this. Because it's damn HOT

Few minutes ago, a blogger called Aduka Taruna suddenly become so popular in Malaysia . Just because he wrote something really stupid and ridiculous about..

about what?

about :

as a result, 25 police reports were made and I bet, KDN is acting right now .

What do you think fellas?


3 drops of elixir:

kalu aku tau umah dia katner,/me lalu depan umah dia smbil ludah..


perlu ke dia buat camnie?
isk! teruknye pangai aduka taruna nie..
yg da pegi biarkan pegi ngan aman..
takziah pada keluarga baginda..


jgn sebab nak duit sgt, buat mende camtu nak naikkn populariti blog.ish.byk lagi cre lain nk cri duit.

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