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Memories : 2004 ( Taiping )

Ok.go :

I got expelled from MMU because I seldom went to my classes and . Too busy with Netting and Skateboarding . Bad bad behavior.

The next day, I stayed with my cousin somewhere around Taiping. He's family man with 3 kids. He taught me a bit about electricity, how to plug in this and that. How to install cables and so on, and I just asked rm2 per day so that I can go to cc every night. Pathetic life.

Few months later, his father in law came to visit . And this old man seems like he doesn't like me very well. Maybe because at his view, I'm a lifeless kid with dull future or something like that.

That night, he came to my room, told me that his daughter and my cousin, annoyed with me in their custody. So he gave me rm30 to get the hell out from that house and go back to Johor Bharu.

From that moment, I swore to myself, I will never go back to Taiping (my hometown) until I have a good job, proving that I'm not that idiot that will never survive.

And guest what, I haven't step my feet back for 6 years, all my cousins keep asking when is the time..

Well, the moment will be very very soon enough. And I will find that old man and show him, who's the boss.

Very very soon..


What do you think fellas?


4 drops of elixir:

ok, is this true? so hows you life going so far?


walaupon pedih, aku rase ko patot berterima kasih kat org tu 1 day.sebab dgn ape yg dy wat, ko bangun balik.(sori lau pendapat ni ko x suke)


Jatuh lepas tu bangun adalah bagus , jangan jatuh tapi tak bangun2..yang penting sekali kita kene ingat asal usul kita..walau macamanapun jahat seseorang itu jika kita layan dia dengan tu akan malu dan segan kepada kita..


@lampuneon : its better .

@cikmemy : btol ape ko ckp tu . sob sob

@mylife : yah btol , tapi ku ni bersifat pendendam


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