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girls with 'plastic' attitude

Here it goes :

"OMG OmG OmG!!that was totalllyyy awesome!!"

"You're totally kidding rite?"


"He was like, totally naileddd guyzz!"


aww, you got me !!

Okay what was that all about? Have you ever heard some chicks on the street using that style of talking ? Supposed, these kind of girl should be :
1. trendy
2. trendsetter
3. walking in groupies
4. maybe, have super rich parents
5. beautiful

Just for your info, I actually dug some info and found out, the origin is what they called as Valley Girls

Valley Girl (or Val, Val Gal) is a stereotype leveled at a socio-economic and ethnic class of white American women who exhibit particular traits thought common to their group. It originally referred to the ever decreasing number of semi affluent and affluent middle-class and upper-middle class white girls living in the bedroom community neighborhoods of San Fernando Valley[1]. Due to changing demographics, it is an increasingly obsolete as the age, ethnic, and economic class it referenced is fast disappearing in its native territory.

source: wikipedia

Valspeak is often spoken with a heavy accent sometimes associated with Californians. Words are spoken with high variation in pitch combined with very open or nasal vowel sounds.


* Like - Used as an interjection. "Like that was so, like, oh my God."
* As if – lit. "yeah, right" or "as if" except it does not use a subject; expresses disbelief.
* Bitchin' - adj. slang for excellent; first-rate. Though a derivative of "bitch", bitchin' is not considered profane.
* Whatever! - short for "whatever you say"; sarcastic interjection often emphasizing the "r".
* Barf me out! - "So disgusting it makes me want to vomit."
* Fer shur – lit. "For sure"
* Betch – lit. "Bitch"
* Totally – "I agree" or "completely."
* Grody to the max! – "As gross as he/she/it can be"
* Like, oh my God – can be used many ways; expresses shock.
* I’m suuure! or I'm so sure – "I'm absolutely positive," but usually used sarcastically.
* Tre - A synonym for "very" (derived from French "très")
* Trippendicular! - It can mean either "awesome" or a drug high.
* Betty - An attractive woman
* So - Very; used frequently and said with strong emphasis.
* Baldwin - An attractive man.
* Seriously - Frequent interjection of approval.
* Gag me with a spoon! - expression of disgust.
* Gnarly - Good.
* Joanie - An un-hip girl
* I'm Audi - "I'm out of here".
* Tubular - Very cool.
* UV's - Sunshine (e.g. "I'm heading down to the beach to catch some UV's")
* Are you serious?- expression of surprise. Commonly phrased with both hands on the hips, eyebrows raised and a shocked facial expression.

Okay , what I'm about to write is, is there any so called Valley Girls in Malaysia? If they do exist, have you guys ever meet on of these species? I'm sure its pretty interesting to know why on earth they should behave like that. For me honestly, it's totally annoying. Like. wtf.. If there any female readers , tell me , are you one of those?

Oh just my two cents, I think every cheerleaders in this country is acting like one.

yayy yayy we're the besstt yayy yayy

If you want me to vote, I vote for these guys girls..

wtf man?

Extra info: if you guys wish to translate your words to valspeak , try this saucy link

What do you think fellas?


3 drops of elixir:

vally girl

good to know that term


@joe : yah ! valley girls. gag me with da spoon ;P


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